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NEW DEVELOPMENTS: Changes in RIRO Resiliency Skills Training Program & Our Trainer "Intensives"

2016 was a very exciting and productive year for Reaching IN…Reaching OUT on several fronts. Here are THREE new developments in RIRO’s training programs.

RIRO Resiliency Skills Training Program has been updated
RIRO’s training coordinator/program developer, Jennifer Pearson, revised the two-part RIRO Resiliency Skills Training Program in collaboration with 23 RIRO Trainers inside and outside Canada.
The new program was piloted over six months with very positive feedback from participants and trainers. The final version, launched in September 2016, has been well-received. Results of formal follow-up evaluation show the positive impact is comparable or greater than the original program.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the exciting changes and people who made it happen.

The next RIRO-hosted Skills Training in Toronto will be held on April 3 & 4, 2017.
CLICK HERE for information and the registration form.

Combined RIRO-BBT Trainer “Intensive” offered
In October 2016, we launched a combined RIRO-BBT Trainer “Intensive” with very positive feedback from participants. New trainers now return to their communities authorized to offer both of our evidence-based resiliency skills training programs—RIRO Resiliency Skills Training for service providers and Bounce Back & Thrive! (BBT) for parents. Because of the recent changes to the RIRO Resiliency Skills Training Program, we were able to combine the trainer "intensives." This provides a cost-effective training, improves sustainability and helps build a “culture of resilience” in communities.

CLICK HERE (pages 2-3) to learn more about the new “intensive” and what participants say.

The next combined RIRO-BBT Trainer “Intensive” will be held in Toronto, October 23-27, 2017. CLICK HERE for information and the registration form.

RIRO Resiliency Skills Training is being translated into FRENCH!
For years, we’ve wanted to make RIRO Resiliency Skills Training Program available to Francophones. And, now we finally have funding to do the work thanks to Julie Gaskin (Durham Region Children’s Services) and the Ontario Ministry of Education. The translation is expected to be completed by August.
CLICK HERE (pages 3-4) for more information about the new French-language training.

We plan to pilot the RIRO Trainer “Intensive” for the RIRO French-language resiliency skills training on August 21-23, 2017. This training is for bilingual service provider-trainers serving francophone communities in Durham Region as well as other regions in Canada. For more information please contact Jennifer Pearson after March 15 at

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