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Moksha Yoga Stratford
April newS!
Every year Moksha and Modo studios worldwide come together to raise funds and awareness for charities that are making a global impact to help the environment. This year's focus is on one of our most precious commodities.... WATER. We have an exciting challenge planned for April and for March and April our Karma funds will be used to donate to the David Suzuki foundation to help protect our water in Canada. Are you in? Read on for details.....

30 Day on and off the mat challenge this month we will be running a 30 Day Challenge with a twist! It's an on and off the mat challenge to help us unplug to plug in to our lives! An invitation to get outside and to slow down. 30 minutes per day in nature, and 10 minutes per day in Savasana! How awesome is that??  Here's how it works:

  1. Register for David Suzuki's 30x30 nature challenge! From April 1 - 30 spend 30 minutes per day outside in nature.... your backyard, walking around the river, sitting in a park, hiking around TJ Dolan or Wildwood, riding your bike, going for a run..... it doesn't matter, just outside. NO phone or electronics to distract you!
  2. Come into the studio and put your name on the board to get signed up and put a sticker up for everyday you complete your 30x30 nature challenge as well as 10 minutes in Savasana! 10 minutes sitting or lying down in silence. Anywhere, anytime. You can do your Savasana at the beginning or end of your yoga practice or on it's own, whatever works! Of course, we would highly recommend doing your daily Savasana along with a daily yoga practice and making it a true 30 day challenge, but do whatever works for you!

A $10 minimum donation for the David Suzuki foundation is suggested to sign up. Challenge starts April 1st.

Some other suggestions for the month:
  • no plastic water bottles for 30 days (drink from the tap with gratitude!!)
  • Grab a friend and bring them to one of our Friday evening Karma classes! (all donations go to DSF)
  • Watch the Canadian documentary "Groundswell" (click here to view trailer)
  • Social media about your challenge and use the hashtags #growyouryoga #mokshayoga and tag Moksha Yoga Stratford in your posts to connect to the larger community vibes and spread awareness! (follow us on Facebook, instagram, and twitter)

Building blocks of Moksha Posture workshop 
It's back! Our always popular and informative Building Blocks of Moksha workshop! Whether your are new to this practice or have been practicing for a long time, there is something for everyone to learn in this workshop. We will breakdown the Moksha series posture by posture in a relaxed, reduced heat setting. This is a 2 day workshop with Day 1 focusing on the standing series and Day 2 focusing on the floor series. Ask questions, learn modifications, and deepen your practice with practical hands on learning.
Suggested donation for this workshop is $20 and will go to GYY David Suzuki foundation.

Here's the details:
> Standing series - April 8th 1:30 - 3:30
> Floor series- April 9th 11:30 - 1:30
There will be a 10 minute Savasana at the end of each day for our GYY participants.

This workshop is available to everyone even first timers (it's a great way to get started)! You can come to both days or just one if there this something specific you want to work on.

new! Mother's circle classes
CALLING ALL MAMAS! We are so happy to welcome registered Doula and birth coach Falon Martin to the MYS team! Falon will be offering a weekly Mother's Circle class at the studio every Tuesday morning from 10am - 11am starting April 4th (that's this Tuesday!!!)
**Mothers Circle** Wellness group for new and expecting mamas! Six week session starting next week April 4th 10-11am Moksha Yoga Stratford please email to register or for more information.

Come connect with other mamas of babies 0-1 year every Tuesday- Our weekly class offers opportunities to bond, empower and benefit you and your babies with lots of interaction, touch and love!

Each week we will focus on a new topic, provide essential resources, practical tools and take-home care packages to help you gently transition into motherhood. $80 for the 6 week session or $15 for drop in class.

What to bring: BYOB- bring your own baby!, a yoga mat (for comfort/gentle movement/relaxation), blanket (to lay baby on) and any comfort items you need for you and your babe.

Check out Falon's website for more information:

yoga for runners: run and workshop with Brian Groot
RUNNERS OR WANT TO BE RUNNERS, THIS ONE'S FOR YOU! We feel super lucky to have Brian Groot bringing his Mindfulness Running workshop to MYS! On Sunday April 30th from 12 -2 Brian will share some of his tips and tricks and then apply those things in an optional 20 -30 minutes run followed by.... you guessed it... a 10 minute Savasana! (yesssssss)
Brian has completed 80+ marathons and ultras, and and been teaching yoga for over 7 years. Mindfulness and yoga practices are the key to his running success and is one of the easiest and often overlooked ways of enhancing performance.
The workshop, in addition to some strengthening and stretching postures, includes tips on running biomechanics, so that we can become more aware of how our body is moving while we run (preventing injuries and increasing performance) as we as some helpful guided visualizations to prepare for race day or just greater performance in general. All ages, abilities and experience are welcome and can benefit from it.

Cost: $25 (members get 20% off)
$5 of every sign up will go to David Suzuki Foundation for GYY!

Oil of the month: Bergamot

Looking ahead to May 8 - 14 is nurses week! We are going all in on this and want to reach out to these hard working care takers to let us take care of them for a week! So, to honor nurses on Nurses Week we will offer FREE classes for the week to ALL registered nurses.
Just bring in your id badge and we'll get you set up.
(if you've never been to the studio please go online and complete your online waiver)
If you know a nurse, please spread the word!

MOTHER'S DAY MAY 14TH! Bring your mama for a free class!

More information about the David Suzuki foundation and how you can help
The David Suzuki Foundation collaborates with Canadians from all walks of life, including government and business, to conserve the environment and find solutions that will create a sustainable Canada through science-based research, education and policy work.

Our top goals

Protecting our climate — research and provide clean energy solutions and information on energy conservation to ensure Canada does its part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and avoid dangerous climate change.

Create livable communities — assist urban centres in Canada to protect green and blue spaces and promote transit-oriented development and pedestrian- and cycle-friendly transportation options.

Establish environmental rights and justice — work with citizens, constitutional experts and lawmakers to ensure that Canadians enjoy the right to live in a healthy environment.

Transform the economy — help secure Canadians' high quality of life within the finite limits of nature through efficient resource use.

Connect with nature — assist Canadians, especially youth, to learn about their dependence on a healthy environment and the benefits of time in nature through outdoor education and opportunities.

Build community — engage Canadians to live healthy, fulfilled and just lives with tips on building Earth-friendly infrastructure, making smart energy choices, using efficient transportation and being mindful of the products, food and water we use.

Huge congratulations to Julie on completing her 1000th class at MYS! we love you julie!

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