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ResilienC - Issue 45, 2020

Coping with COVID-19, #2

Many of us are in self-isolation now and learning to cope with the “new” normal at home and outside. As the weeks go by, pressures build. It can get harder and harder to be positive role models for children.

So, how do we keep our cool so we can role model valuable life lessons – like how to handle change and hard times? How to be safe? How to be kind and help others? Here are a few tips to help you be the best role model you can be.

Tips to help you cope with COVID-19

  1. Wear a mask or other covering when you leave your home, especially when social distancing of 2 meters (6’) may not be possible. Public Health officials in both Canada and the United States are now advising people in the community to wear masks. This helps to flatten the curve by protecting others. And it can also offer some protection to us as well. In this brief video (2:30) a doctor talks about types of masks and how to use them properly.

  2. IMPORTANT: There are many homemade cloth mask patterns online, but avoid using HEPA vacuum bags as masks or filters. They were not intended or tested for this purpose. According to some doctors, this type of HEPA filter can contain micro glass particles that might damage lungs. Video (2:19)

  3. Practice your self-regulation skills and help children develop theirs. Here’s a link to some tips and resources.

  4. Keep routines for yourself and children. Routines help us keep our mental and physical health charged up. They help us feel calmer, more in control and empowered.

  5. Empower yourself and children. Here are some simple and fun mindfulness games to help kids (and adults) feel like superheroes.

  6. Calm your own worries about COVID-19.

    • Challenge your thoughts and worries. Learn how by reading pages 9-23 in RIRO’s Resiliency Guidebook  (Then help children challenge their thoughts, read pages 42-45.)

    • Here are some other ways to reduce anxiety.

  7. Talk with children about COVID-19

    • Anxiety Canada offers ways to talk with kids in this helpful article.

    • Here’s a delightful video (1:26), a LEGO version of Canada’s prime minister speaking to the children of Canada about COVID-19. Twitter version
    • ATTENTION: Our last issue of ResilienC (#44) contained a link to an article that included a video for children that may not reflect the latest medical advice in Canada about COVID-19.

  8. Reach out to others, especially if you live alone. Connect regularly with family, friends and neighbours. Join an online group. Find ways to help others like making masks, dropping off groceries to seniors or sharing ideas for indoor child and family activities with other parents.
  9. Staying active and helping others benefits your physical and mental health. It can reduce feelings of helplessness and give meaning and purpose to life during tough times.

  10. Have some fun each day. Play, laugh, be silly, sing, dance, tell jokes. It all helps.

Best wishes to all of you. And please share this ResilienC with family, friends and co-workers!